McFarren Builders

What our customers have to say
about McFarren Construction:

  • "Working with McFarren Construction was a great experience! George McFarren followed through with any questions or concerns that we had in a timely fashion. We received many compliments from our family and friends on the “finish” work and visual aesthetics. However, the real compliment for us has been from those who got to see the house being built and those in the industry that have praised the quality of workmanship behind the walls. We are very pleased with our McFarren Home. We would highly recommend McFarren Construction to anyone in Cincinnati if they are thinking of building their dream home!"
  • "We spent many months looking for the perfect home to build. I have never worked with a builder that takes such pride in what they do. I would recommend McFarren Construction to anyone who is considering building a home."
  • "When my husband and I were considering builders for our custom home our top considerations were; quality, value, synergy and viability. McFarren Construction fit the bill completely. George McFarren understood us and our style versus trying to convert us to his style. The finish out and workmanship was incomparable to others."
  • "What most impressed me during the construction process was the professional behavior and attitude of George McFarren. The job site was kept clean, safe, and secure. Progress reports and draw requests were handled promptly and in a businesslike fashion, as were change orders. The schedules of subcontractors, tradesmen, and suppliers were well coordinated so that the work proceeded at an efficient pace. In many cases, George McFarren went well beyond the minimums required by the plans and specifications out of what I can only describe as an old-fashioned ethic of doing a job well and to the best of one’s ability."